Welcome, Home Buyer!

Are you prepared to start this new chapter in your life? Finding a new home is an exciting, scary and sometimes tedious process. I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’ve gone through three moves in the last twelve years with my family. There are so many things to consider from location and home styles to timing and offers.

The first thing, however, is finding the right buyer’s agent to guide you on this journey. Only you can decide who that person is, but here are a few things that set me apart…

I am an expert in the lay of the land. Having lived lengthy periods in both northeast Fulton and Forsyth counties, my knowledge of the schools, neighborhoods and recreational opportunities is a huge asset for anyone looking to move here. It gives me a unique perspective on where your family will find the best fit.

I am a part-time tennis player, but full-time Realtor. That’s pretty unusual for this area. Typically it’s the other way around. My days belong to my clients in full. I am available when you need me, where you need me. Plus, my tennis hobby has given me a taste of just about every neighborhood within a 30-mile radius.

I trust in my ability to think different. My service to you doesn’t begin and end with unlocking doors to homes posted on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) database. I secured my own home by writing the previous homeowner a personal letter about how much I loved their property and asking if they had any interest in selling it. Thinking different can make all the difference.

I am backed by the largest real estate franchise in the world. Keller Williams Realty is at the forefront of the industry with an infinite number of resources. Although my brand may look significantly different than that of my other associates, I am a proud KW agent and beneficiary of their cutting edge training, coaching and continued education program.

If chosen as your Realtor for this exciting journey, I will strive to make the experience a bright and memorable one for you and your family. Isn’t that the way new beginnings should begin?