Welcome, Home Seller!

Are you excited, nervous, thrilled, scared…all of the above? I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’ve gone through three moves in the last twelve years with my family. The emotions are all those and more. My first bit of advice to you is a simple one…take a breath. Everything will be okay. I’ve faced that seemingly insurmountable mountain of things to do before, during and after a move, and I somehow survived. The key is having a guide who you can trust.

Here are few things that sets THIS guide a part from the others…

I am home driven, not house driven. A house is a place with walls and a roof. Home is where your heart lives. My goal is not to be “Top Agent” in so and so neighborhood, county or market based on the number of houses that I list or close. More is not always better. I place a cap on the number of homes that I have listed at one time to ensure that my service to you is much more dedicated.

I recognize the value of looking different. When I see real estate marketing that fits the same format for property after property, I cringe. Every home has its own story that is best told through a creative voice instead of an assembly line. Being distinct is what buyers notice and remember. With this in mind, I have partnered with an amazing branding agency (miragecreates.com) to position my clients in a unique way to stand out in this crowded marketplace. They also create for Disney, Marvel and Pixar, so they’re highly skilled at making a lasting impression. Say goodbye to the generic real estate clutter that has become fairly invisible. A HOME by amy is presented as bright, eye-catching and original.

I trust in my ability to think different. My marketing for you doesn’t begin and end with posting your property in the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) database. I’m reimagining every real estate sales tactic to ensure that your home gets noticed. From photography and graphic design to print materials and digital advertising, I am obsessed with producing fresh, original, and always custom marketing materials. The result is drastically different from what any other agent in the area is currently doing. PLUS, I now have an exclusive realtor agreement with Go Homegrown®, John Creek’s very own local dining resource (gohomegrown.com). My listed homes are the only properties that can be seen by hundreds of hungry buyers a day!

I save you time and money on house prep. Getting your home ready to sell typically involves making repairs or upgrades. Wouldn’t it be great to see what new paint, flooring or other finishes look like before you spend the money to make them? I also have an exclusive realtor agreement with My Ideal Images (myidealimages.com) to offer virtual home makeovers at no additional cost to you. No other Realtor provides that!

I am backed by the largest real estate franchise in the world. Keller Williams Realty is at the forefront of the industry with an infinite number of resources. Although my brand may look significantly different than that of my other associates, I am a proud KW agent and beneficiary of their cutting edge training, coaching and continued education program.

If chosen as your Realtor for this exciting journey, I will do everything imaginable to get your home sold near asking price and strive to make the experience a bright one for you and your family. Isn’t that the way new beginnings should begin?